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Copperhead CLASSIC
Copperhead is a gentle and versatile gin with the heart fragrance of citrus, based on five perfectly balanced botanicals: angelica, juniper berries, cardamom, orange peel and coriander seed. Add a few drops of Copperhead blends to your gin to give it a personal taste and function: to stimulate your energy level, appetite or digestion.

Copperhead BLACK BATCH
This gin is enriched with black tea and elderberry: two ingredients known for their medicinal properties.

In 2018 world-renowned bartender Marian Beke, owner of the Gibson bar in London, created Copperhead the Gibson Edition. Inspired by the classic cocktail Gibson Martini this edition is a unique savoury style of gin, thanks to the immense flavour palette. Added to the original 5 Copperhead botanicals are not less than 13 carefully selected spices traditionally used in pickling. These ingredients, among which are mace, pepper, cassia, bay leaf, ginger, allspice, fennel and dill seeds are joined by just a touch of eight-year-old Genever to complete this smooth and complex taste.

This non-alcoholic "Eau de vie", a fermented and distilled water-based botanical infusion, is a true innovation. In addition to the maseration of the classic Copperhead botanicals, the Alchemist's cordial consisting of lactic and tartaric acids, sea salt and chicory root fibers provides an extra dimension. The whole mixture is distilled in copper pot/column stills and with the addition of a hint of malt wine the taste becomes complete. Copperhead Non-Alcoholic fits in perfectly with today's healthy food trend and is low in calories with only 4 kcal per serve. A perfect match with Fever-Tree Elderflower or in cocktails.

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